Nnn6jz6 tube data booklet

If you have you probably understand my interest in a. This is historic data that we found on the internet. The loop creates a localized charge field that when catalized by the chemical in the silver splotch, burns up excess gas molecules that may have leaked inside of the tube. Cambridge international as and a level chemistry builds on the skills acquired at cambridge igcse or equivalent level. Tube 12v6gt or rohre 12v6gt id5453, beam power tube, octal int. Quality russian 6j51p tube was made in ussr for the military equipment. Substitutes are given as a guide only please refer to original manufacturers data sheets to ensure that a substitute is safe and appropriate for your application. All datasheets are in the main tables and in the list below.

By coincidence, im working on a silvertone 4590 which also uses 6n6 tubes. At present time, these data are most complete and exact. N6 is designed for powerful management and flexible analysis of text data. Antique radio forums view topic 6n6 replacement tube 6k6. The 6js6c was used in designs from the early 1970s. Barkhausens valveequation tube data end of life values tube data sheet information tube glossary rohren glossar tube parameters. For 6je6b, they refer you to 6lq6 as the replacement. You will need to be an experienced test technician to carry out these repairs. The good news for owners of either amp is that the 6973 is back in production. We may have more in cases that have not been tested and logged into our inventory yet. Bold designators are close or identical, italic designators are different ratings, different pinouts or different filament voltages. The 6js6c is a purpose designed television line output valve, or sweep tube. Below here the general data and the guides for each section of the hb3. Description the 6j5p 65 hightransconductance pentode has been designed for h.

Fortunately this is not a universal truth, when european industry recovered from the late 1940s onwards much original work was done here in europe. Supreme instruments manuals, tube data, and schematics all supreme instruments corp. Its a common tube to swap in a jim kelley amp, as it handles the higher voltage well. Each file contains the information on all updating of a one tube type also the static and dynamic curves. Need old tube data for jackson 648 antique radio forums. Please see the substitutes at the top of the page for more details. In its day, it was considered a normal triode with somewhat different curves from the 6j5. University of cambridge international examinations general. Goodsoundclub romy the cats site the 6e5p tube data. Although offered in good faith, there are no guarantees with this information. Cambridge international as and a level chemistry 9701. This link is listed in our web site directory since thursday jan 3 2008, and till today nj7p tube database search has been followed for a total of 2187.

The 6973s can be made to work in amps that came with 6cz5s, so 280 owners are in luck too. Tube 6bg6g or rohre 6bg6g id4644, beam power tube, octal int. According to the 1946 sylvania tube manual, the 6n6 is a dual triode with direct coupling from one section to the other, and is the octal equivalent of the 6b5. Ive seen the ads saying the 6ju6 tube is a substitute for the 6bj6 tube used in the drake transmitter equipment. I also have a print copy its not scanned to pdf, at least not yet of the eico 628 tube data booklet, 33pages, dated 1176. Dave, i have the special tube data booklet for the model 648 and 648s, but it doesnt list 01as. Before the advent of semiconductor devices, thousands of tube types were used in consumer and industrial electronics. Between the 280 and the 280a, magnatone engineers switched from the 6cz5 tube to the 6973 tube. Was there any way to use this tube in triode or ul mode. General double triodes, used as an wide band hf power amplifier. Taras oleynk aka ml8 sent me a couple months ago his measurements of different driver linelevel tubes including the melquiadess diver tubes the 5e5p. Would you like to see a tube added to the database. I have a cayin tube amp that uses chinese 6n6 tubes does anyone know of a replacement nos tube that would work as an upgrade. Do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid.

I got this idea that if i could run ul at a reduced screen voltage that this tube would rock, so i wired an 0a2 in series with the screen grid. A responsive, pragmatic toolkit for codebased inquiry and searching, n6 keeps you close to you r. I think that this tube would be a great candidate for a screen drive experiment, but i have not tried it yet. For 6je6, they give no electrical data, just refer to the 6je6a as the replacement.

Ib merchandise and publications can be purchased through the ib store at. Many thanks to bill beech, nj7p for his efforts in providing the data found on this site. The 6j5p pentodes are miniature devices enclosed in glass bulb and are provided with a sevenpin base, rigit leads and an indirectly heated oxidecoated cathode. If you have you probably understand my interest in a lower cost substitute replacement. There has been a seller at radio shows in the midwest, such as elgin and lansing, selling certain types of 6bg6gas with adapters to use them as a 6l6 replacement. N6 is the sixth version of the nudist software, now used in over 80 countries. The main category is vacuum tube resources that is about vacuum tube, electron tube, thermionic valve, valve resources. If you need more than the quantity available, please email us at. You can find exacter data, having investigated the characteristics of a tube for a mode used by you in the circuit. Have you priced a matched pair of 6jb6s for your drake. Every effort has been made to insure the accuracy of this reference, however, i assume no liability for the results of using information contained herein. The syllabus includes the main theoretical concepts which are fundamental to the subject, some current applications of chemistry, and a strong emphasis on advanced practical skills.

It consists of about 8400 pages scanned by john atwood, pete millett and frank philipse. Vacuum tubes, sockets, capacitors, nixie and electron tube accessories. Welcome to the tube data sheet locator, a popular web resource for finding data on vacuum tubes. A 6bg6 is a horizontal output sweep tube for early black and white tvs. Soft clean eraser soft pencil type b or hb is recommended data booklet read these instructions first write in soft pencil.

University of cambridge international examinations general certificate of education. Downloads, supreme instruments manuals, tube data, and. Each file contains the information on all updating of a onetube type also the static and dynamic curves. Raytheon rk 65 rk 65 5 d 23 transmitting tube data booklet. The 6j6 is definitely allamerican and the ecc91 is a later copy. Like many other line output valves they also could be used for rf power amplifiers. If you have never used this facility before, click the help link. The resource is currently listed in in a single category. Wcox056107b watercooled packaged chillers with helical. As of 3505, i have finished scanning the general section, receiving tubes part 1, receiving tubes part 2, miscellaneous, specialpurpose receivingtype tubes, thyratron, ignitron, and glowdischarge tubes, and most of the transmitting tubes, as well as all.

We fear much the same is true of many familiar british valve types. Test results using the 6ju6 tube as a substitute for. This is a list of vacuum tubes or thermionic valves, and lowpressure gasfilled tubes, or discharge tubes. Pentode for output stages of low frequency amplifiers.

Be sure to check out the chris and justin radio website for vintage guitarrelated scematics, layouts, and general info. Chemistry higher and advanced higher data booklet sqa. The key to selecting proper tubing for use with metal. Swagelok tube fittings is that the tubing must be softer than the fitting. I am working on scanning and placing on this page the entire rca hb3 tube manual. Watercooled packaged chillers with helical rotary compressors installation, operation, and maintenance instructions form 6186 wcox056107b table of contents. Ge essential characteristics, the whole 228 page book in an indexed pdf file big, 11mb. Under 6lq6, they say the 6je6c is electrically equivalent to the 6lq6. You can find exacter data, having investigated the characteristics of a tube for.

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