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Accuvac pro fits in the same wall mounting as all the other devices in the accuvac family. Inaintea inceperii utilizarii aparatului accuvac rescue pentru prima data, incarcati complet bateria. Its nonabrasive formula is designed for use on hard, nonporous surfaces associated with nonfood. The improved accuvac rescue aspirator provides users with an appliance that is an indispens able aid in many emergency health care situations. Repromed resqvac suction unit emergency medical products. It can be used to extract the oral cavity, throat and bronchial system as well as for emptying air mattresses and inflatable splints. Uettdrrf06b perform rescue from a live lv panel units of competency will be trained and assessed in this sequence to ensure prerequisite requirements are achieved.

Nar respirator 700006 made by north american rescue cpr. Many of our employees have been or are still involved in the emergency services. The accuvac rescue is used not only to clear the airways, as when preparing for intubation, for example, but also for removing. In 1986 weinmann launched the first accuvac aspirator on the market. Accuvac lite with disposable canister system, wall mounting and. It is designed for regatta personnel, marine patrols, police and fire rescue personnel, park rangers, and onthewater sailing instructors and coaches. Accuvac rescue suction electronic w mains charger usl medical. Tec 12 lifting bags v 1, v 5, v 7, v 26, v 33l, v 35, v 59, v 83 and v 102. Heavygauge welded steel construction and a proven kohler ohv motor mean years of reliable operation. Topics in this course include towing, rescue of a capsized sailboat, person in the water rescues, vhf protocol and search techniques. Tec 12 lifting bags v 1, v 5, v 7, v 33l, v 35, v 59, v 83 and v 102. Most of the basic equipment is very versatile, and can be used for many different purposes.

Air rescue advice first aid kit size canberrabushwalkingclub. Rescue 3 europe produces and delivers state of the art technical rescue training courses. Rescue and resuscitation competition manual this manual has been produced as part of a set of slsa manuals and deals with the rescue and resuscitation competition and assessment of the events issued by. The accuvac series fillers are easy to operate and bottle changes are as easy as sliding new bottles under the fill heads and pushing the foot pedal. Accuvac rescue can be used anywhere in any suction situation. Simulaids adult water rescue manikin 65 in 52 lbs rock. The unit features unique disposable canisters with soft widebore suction tips providing clog free operation. We have a huge selection of rescue manikins from popular brands such as simulaids, laerdal, and ruth lee rescue. In your planning, include references to those types of emergencies as well as the situations referred to in the body of this manual. Rescue 1060 manuals manuals and user guides for rescue 1060. Rescue essentials and nles national law enforcement supply are now owned by the same parent company.

The onus for assessing each workplace rests with all australian individual workplaces and sites managing their own risk profile. Consult weinmann emergency medical technologys entire accuvac basic catalogue on medicalexpo. It is equally suitable for suctioning the patients oral cavity, nose, throat and bronchial system. Improves grain bin, silo, and other engulfment rescue times by as much as 80%. Some equipment, however, is task specific and only suitable for a certain operation. In addition to being a dedicated filler for your product line, the accuvac fillers can also serve as an inexpensive backup unit, eliminating down time and costly setup for small runs. Use this manual pump for emergency pharyngeal or tracheal suction. Adjustable vacuum for adults 100% or children 50% easy, onehand operation. The wall mounting is crashresistant and protects the pump from damage in ambulances.

Water rescue and natural disaster incidents involving the school bus are not sufficiently different situations to cause a separate section of this manual. Manufacturer specifications accuvac rescue, weinmann hamburg. Electronic controls allow finite adjustment for each situation and the accuvac rescue is highly portable and tough enough to deal with extreme weather conditions. Accessories images accuvac rescue and basic weinmann. Accuvac basic with serres disposable system, includes accessories bag 12v connection cable and wall mounting wm 10749 accuvac basic with reusable system, power supply and battery charging unit for 100 v to 240 v wm 10709 and optional rinsing glass wm 15229 accuvac basic free and clear airways are crucial to a patients survival. Accuvac rescue can be used anywhere because it adapts immediately to any suction situation. Nar respirator 700006 made by north american rescue. Rescue disinfectant wipes reduce odorcausing bacteria, leaving surfaces smelling clean and fresh. For decades accuvac basic has been the standard for airway suction. Accuvac rescue aspirator provides users with an appliance that is an indispens able aid in many emergency health care situations. This gives our teams a good sense of the needs of users and patients. Accuvac pro and lite fit into the same wall mounting used for the earlier devices, accuvac rescue and basic. The 12 v connecting cable also allows the suction device to be charged in the wall mounting.

If the wm 15208 wall bracket is not included in the. This makes it unnecessary to change the wall mounting if you change to a different accuvac device. The bag should be full of water, giving it enough weight to toss again. The accuvac rescue is used not only to clear the airways, as when preparing for intubation, for example, but also for removing vomited material. North american rescue audio bleeding control kit emergency. When you need to remove loose fill insulation from attics, sidewalls or crawl spaces, the accuvac 14 is your best choice. North american rescue s medevac litter is the ultimate rescue stretcher for first responders for use in active shooter, mass casualty, and disaster incidents. Surf life saving australia surf house, level 1, 1 notts ave, bondi beach, nsw postal address. Durable with a sturdy construction, you can trust that these manikins will last longer through the situations they were meant for. Technical rope rescue equipment there is a vast array of equipment available for use during technical rescue incidents. Field resettable model fatures an easy and quick fieldreset mechanism and a selfretracting lanyard with emergency retrieval capabilities. The medevac litter is a lightweight, highstrength, compact, collapsible, quadfold litter that is easy to deploy and carry. Preentry requirements students must be physically capable of participating in the practical activities and demonstrate a basic level of language, literacy and numeracy.

The accuvac rescue is the first step in clearing the patients airways from obstructions so that effective ventilation can be administered. In stable positioning of injured patients the accuvac rescue. Replacement of the rechargeable battery is likewise userfriendly and possible without tools. Rescue concentrate, formerly accel, is an easily diluted disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer powered by accelerated hydrogen peroxide ahp. Ideal for daily use and outbreaks on large surfaces like floors, cages and kennels. Rescue disinfectant wipes clean by removing tough soils such as dirt, grime, mold, mildew, blood, urine, and fecal matter. This electronic version of the rescue and resuscitation competitionmanual is subject to amendments by subsequent bulletins issuedsince the printed version was issued in november 2001. The 501c3 paperwork was submitted on february 26, 2005, and approved on march 29, 2005. View and download rescue 2100 instruction manual online. The north american rescue audio bleeding control kit is a firstofitskind kit that reduces the need for prior training by providing ondemand instructions for bleeding control. Operating instructions for rescue equipment hydraulic units. Accuvac 14 insulation removal vacuum when you need to remove loosefill insulation from attics, sidewalls or crawl spaces, the accuvac 14 is your best choice.

Self rescue manual boise rescue mission ministries. It has long been known that bystanders are often the true first responders to the scene of an injury, but more times than not the general public has no training. Also, the high voltage cabling is orange as per sae standard. Recognizing that victims of trench collapse incidents were dying due to extended rescue times, which could take 68 hours using shovels and buckets to remove the dirt, it was. Weinmann emergency has been developing lifesaving devices for emergency medicine for more than 45 years. The weinmann accuvac rescue can be used for many purposes. Weinmann accuvac suction unit rescue st james first aid.

With omnivac you have a gasoperated alternative for rescue vehicles or. We are looking forward to recieve your application. Manufacturer specifications accuvac rescue, weinmann hamburg please note. As of 1st jan 20 only act, nt, tas and sa have approved the safe work australia first aid in the workplace code of practice. More than 150,000 water, rope and boat rescue 3 courses have been delivered in over 32 countries since 1979, to fire and rescue services, ambulance teams, mountain rescue teams, and commercial training and leisure activity providers. Resuscitation and stable recovery position tutorial 2943 lab rock duration. None of the equipment posted for sale on is owned by medwow, should you have any questions regarding a specific item, please direct them to the appropriate seller by making use of the available communication channels on the items page. The repromed resq vac suction unit is suitable for suctioning newborns, pediatrics and adults. When the patients accuvac pro and accuvac lite for electric suctioning or.

Accuvac rescue is a mobile and portable electrically powered aspirator suction pump. We have 2 rescue 1060 manuals available for free pdf download. Thanks to its elec tronic controls, it provides exactly what. The accuvac rescue can be used anywhere because it adapts immediately to any suction need. Home first aid supplies oxygen therapy rescuevac use this manual pump for emergency pharyngeal or tracheal suction. Accuvac attachments can be attached directly to an electrosurgical pencil, improving visibility and capturing smoke and odors directly at the surgical site when connected to a smoke evacuator. Accuvac rescue from front with reusable collection canister. Air rescue advice first aid kit size air rescue advice first aid kit size. We would like to show you a description here but the site wont allow us. Medevac litter by north american rescue rescue essentials. Accuvac 14 insulation removal vacuum wildlife control.

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