Vivitar series 1 28 90mm f2 8 35 macros

This works out to be a moderately long telephoto macro when used on apsc that can also double as a long portrait. If you have better photos or can fill in missing info, please contact me. Just curious if anyone here have this lens, and if you do would you mind sharing the photos taken with this lens. I found it to be a very good all around fast zoom and a useful macro lens. They rival or even exceed modern macros in optical quality. I have a panasonic gh2 that is mounted with a panasonic m43 45mm f2. These include the cosinamade vivitar slr and the vivitar 35esee series of. While my 282 kiron was out being serviced i started to use the 281. Like many vivitar lenses, it was made for vivitar by fourth parties, and its design varied over the years. I would say that sharpness is about the same when cmparing the kiron and the vivitar but the vivitar is better built and is quite good in the. My guess it that built quality was sacrificed as a result.

Vivitar 90mm camera macroclose up lenses for sale ebay. Where photos arent credited they were sourced from the net, generally auction sites. It is a fantastic lens and can usually be found for very affordable prices. It is the precursor to the famous bokina tokina atx macro 90mm f2. Got the vivitar series 1 to replace my pentax smc pentaxa 35105mm f3. Get the best deals on vivitar 90mm camera macroclose up lenses when you shop the largest online selection at. At the focal length of 28 mm it enables you to take 1. In good light and if you can live with the close focusing limit at 28, the 28105 is still a very nice lens. Apocryphal data suggests this version was made by kino precision kiron in december, 1978. The focus ring is certainly not as nice and grippy as on the older versions. I dont usually care for zooms but this one is actually really good with some awesome macro capabilities at 28mm. Bought i have a chance to pick this one up, at a reasonable price, in my local area, which is pretty rare, taking into account how bloated the prices are on this kind of items over here twice as much in many cases, plus, the serial starts with 22, kiron made. All the photos are of the vivitar series 1 vmc 28 90mm f2.

It was one of the sharpest, flatest shooting macro around. Besides the vivitar trade mark, it sold as elicar and panagor. The iq of this vivitar is phenomenal for zoom lenses of its age. Nyquist frequency is about 3000, so the lens is outresolving the sensor through most of the range. According to cameraquests vivitar serialnumber decoder, the 351. Vivitar corporation was a manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of photographic and optical.

This is the third generation made by komina and branded for vivitar. No wonder, then, that one of my earliest lenses was the original vivitar series 1 90mm f2. I owned one with my x700 and was very pleased with it. If anyone wants a macro lens that performs like a macro lens, the vivitar series 1 90mm f2. As of now, i only state this based on its physical appearance as well as reading about its reputation. It belongs to vivitar s legendary series 1 of for the time ultra fast zoom and primes lenses. All of my s1 105mm macro images are on another computer, but i can refer you to an article at my blog i wrote back in august, where i compared it with three other lenses, two of which are macro lenses. What are the best and worst of vivitar and series 1 lenses. Its cheap construction but has unbeatable sharpness. Mtf 20 mtf 50 is fairly comparable, just lower numbers. The vivitar 70210mm series 1 is the classic of classics of thirdparty lenses. This lens was not part of the original series 1 family as released in the 1970s, nor was it part of the series 1 family when the john c. Pentax mz60 35mm camera body, chrome, euro version of zx60.

I believe the lens was manufactured by komine with serial no. Recently i purchased the manual focus bokina vivitar series 1 902. The lens is based on a pushpull principle focal length is changed by pushing or pulling the focusing ring, the lens length is changing at the same time. Some outside shots using canon t2i and vivitar 2890mm. A couple of months ago i got the vivitar series 1 mf 70210mm 3. But the cas of the vivitar 2890 mm series 1 are tiny above 35 mm focal length, which makes this less of a problem. Ive used that lens for many years, first in canon fd and later in nikon f. As i search this forum for this lens, i found none. I am impressed now, and want to see some more comments related to how it stands against tamrons sp 35 80. My email is my first name at a domain that corresponds to my full name.

Another great kominemade vivitar is their series 1 2890mm f 2. Heavy, vignetting at 28mm, varifocal, short focus throw. This is for photos taken with the vivitar series 1 28mm f1. They also manufactured several of the wellrespected vivitar series 1 lenses, and the build quality seems very solidincluding halfstop detents on the aperture ring.

This classic komine made original series 1 is often referred to as the stovepipe because of its di. Of the vivitar series 1 lenses in this range this one is my favorite. Please refer back to the main page for an overview of these lenses. I am impressed now, and want to see some more comments related to how it stands against tamrons sp 3580. I have tested a lot of the old standard focal length macros, but how does a telephoto 90mm macro from the old days stand up. This lens produces over 120 lines of resolution from 11 to 110 macro focusing distance, this is the same performance as the current leica 100mm apo, and nearly twice the 68 lines of resolution produced by the 105mm macro nikkor.

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