How old was paul when he wrote the book of philippians

They had sent him a financial gift through a man named epaphroditus. Paul declares himself to be the author in this short, one chapter book, and paul not only says who wrote the book of philemon himself, but he also tells us who he wrote it to, writing, paul, a prisoner for christ jesus, and timothy our brother, to philemon our beloved fellow worker but this letter is also addressed to apphia our. The epistle to the romans or letter to the romans, often shortened to romans, is the sixth book in the new testament. Many people are of the opinion that paul wrote his letter to the church at philippi while under house arrest in rome described in acts chapter 28. Dallas, txyou may have heard that the apostle paul wrote philippians 4 to address suffering and persecution in the christian life. Why did paul write to the philippians essay example graduateway. Paul commends the philippians for their earnest work in spreading the word of god. The epistle to the philippians, one of pauls prison epistles, was written in rome. Oct 06, 2015 paul began by expressing his thanks to the philippians. While paul was not responding to a particular theological or moral problem, he wanted to protect against future problems by encouraging the ephesians to mature in their faith.

You were indeed concerned, but you had no opportunity to show it. The epistle to the philippians, one of paul s prison epistles, was written in rome. Once we have answered this question with a reasonable degree of certainty we can postulate a date for the book. The traditional answer is that paul wrote philippians from rome during his imprisonment there cf.

It is uncertain where paul was when he wrote the letters that make up philippians. Asked in new testament, old testament who wrote the book of philippians. Paul wrote philippians as a thankyou note to the believers of philippi, for their help in his hour of need. Jan 02, 2020 ephesians, philemon, colossians, and philippians ad 6062, during pauls first roman imprisonment 1 timothy and titus ad 62 2 timothy ad 6364, during pauls second roman imprisonment although paul penned or dictated these letters, he makes it clear that he is speaking under the inspiration of the holy spirit. This fits well with the account of pauls house arrest in ac 28. He didnt dwell on his sufferings, beatings, shipwrecks, and imprisonment.

He coaches them on dealing with hard times, and provides examples from his own life, other christians, and. But biblical scholars working at dallas theological seminary have been able to confirm that the famous declaration i can do all things through christ who strengthens me was actually scribbled down by the apostle after he knocked in the goahead run at a. Aug 04, 20 the book of philippians is one of pauls most encouraging letters. Introduction, background, and outline to philippians. The location of pauls imprisonment when he wrote to the philippians, and thus the date of the letter, are uncertain.

Why paul wrote the letter to the philippians zondervan academic. Intro to philippians biblica the international bible society. After his release, he wrote the epistles of hebrews, titus, first timothy, and second timothy, not necessarily in that order, although second timothy was apparently his last. The traditional view has been that it stems from pauls confinement in rome, between a. Paul was a prisoner when he wrote the book of philippians.

The church in philippi was established by paul and silas on pauls second missionary journey acts 16. Letter of paul to the philippians work by saint paul. Luke was well known at philippi, yet he sends no salutation to the philippians in this epistle. Paul had established the congregation in philippi, in the province of macedonia, and the book of philippians is actually a letter paul wrote to this congregation, encouraging and commending them. What was the apostle paul referring to when he wrote in 1 corinthians 1 that the foolishness of god is wiser than men and the weakness of god is stronger than men. Book of ephesians overview insight for living ministries. He was in his own rented house, where for two years he was free to impart the gospel to all who came to him. This is one of the few books written by paul where he doesnt have some kind of critique but only good things to say so its almost like a thank you letter. The letter of paul to the philippians thinking faith. In the new testament, we hear a lot about christians being imprisonedespecially paul. He surely would have done so if he had been with paul at the time of its writing. He was with the apostle when he wrote to the colossians, and so was demas col 4.

Lydia and her household, and the jailor and his household, were among the first converts. Philippians summary from the easyenglish bible easy. The book of philippians is in the bibles new testament. It was taken over by philip of macedonia, the father of alexander the great. Paul founded the church there during his second missionary trip and wrote the book of philippians to them while a political prisoner in rome. A letter was a substitute for a personal visit, or for the visit of one of his assistants like timothy or titus. Jan, 20 paul had established the congregation in philippi, in the province of macedonia, and the book of philippians is actually a letter paul wrote to this congregation, encouraging and commending them.

The apostle paul wrote the letter to express his gratitude and affection for the philippian church, his strongest supporters in ministry. Where was paul when he wrote the book of philippians. The crucifixion of christ according to the lecture, jesus was most likely carpenter like his stepfather, joseph, and begin in his ministry at the age of 30. In examining pauls reasons for writing to the philippians it is important to place the letter within the context of when it was written and whom it was written. He looked forward resolutely toward the finish line where he would see the face of jesus christ. He told the philippians to note those who so walk in the way he spoke of, and he noted that the philippians had us as a pattern instead of saying that paul was the only pattern.

As well, paul wasnt so proud to think that he was the only one who could be such an example. Scholars have generally argued for one of three localities. In fact, he wrote his letter to the philippians while in a roman prison. In general terms, he wrote for the same reason that he wrote his other letters. How old was paul when he wrote philippians answers. Apprehensive that his execution was close at hand, yet hoping somehow to visit the. Paul wrote philippians at a time when he was suffering greatly, at a time when he wondered if he might soon be killed. The book of philippians was written in approximately a. The bible does not tell us precisely where paul was when he wrote philippians. The apostle paul did not write philippians in response to a crisis, as he did with galatians and colossians. Paul wrote the books of colossians, philemon, ephesians, and philippians during his first imprisonment in rome.

The first external confirmation comes from the letter of polycarp to the philippians. Jun 25, 2019 the joy of the christian experience is the dominant theme running through the book of philippians. Weve gathered information from the esv archaeology study bible for you to learn more about roman jails were like. While some have suggested that paul writes to the philippians from caesarea or ephesus, i am persuaded the evidence points to the traditional view of rome. The apostale paul and his letter to the church at philippi. Philippi was an ancient and major city in macedonia, greece. He penned the books of ephesians, philippians, colossians and philemon during his. Additionally, the philippian church supported paul when he was imprisoned before acts 16. Paul wrote a letter to the philippians as he was in jail and could not speak to the people. Apr 16, 2019 he played a part in the stoning of stephen, and he could have let guilt and shame cripple him for that.

Philippians 2 niv imitating christs humility bible gateway. The words joy and rejoice are used 16 times in the epistle. Epaphroditus also went above and beyond to help paul with his work philippians 2. When he wrote the book of philippians, the apostle paul s hands were really tied he was chained up. One might simply say that when paul prayed for the philippians, he became happy. The lord jesus brought paul to rome to complete the mission strategy that jesus gave to his disciples just before his ascension into heaven.

Modern scholars unhesitatingly accept philippians as an authentic letter from paul. The joy of the christian experience is the dominant theme running through the book of philippians. Biblical scholars agree that it was composed by the apostle paul to explain that salvation is offered through the gospel of jesus christ. More than any other church, the believers in philippi offered paul material support for his ministry 2 corinthians 8. Book of philippians overview insight for living ministries.

This would seem to indicate a later date for the writing of the letter. So after laying out profound theological truths in the first half of the book, paul made his purpose clear. When he wrote philippians, he was not in the mamertine dungeon as he was when he wrote 2 timothy. It is remarkable to see that pauls first reference to his own feelings or frame of mind in this letter is that of joy though he wrote from prison and a possible soon. Background to p auls prison letters christian inconnect. We know that paul had further journeys after he was released from the prison in rome in 63 ad. Apr 19, 2012 this transcribed portion of his message concerns the conditions surrounding pauls writing of the book of philippians. The traditional view that he wrote from rome seems to be the strongest argument, making the most sense of terms like praetorian phil. In the roman world, imprisonment was rarely a longterm punishment. The early church was unanimous in its testimony that philippians was written by the apostle paul see 1.

Instead, he wrote to express his appreciation and affection for the philippian believers. What i realized is that essentially the whole book of philippians is an example of a canonized thankyou note to supporters. Regardless of the literary unity of the letter, scholars agree that the material that was compiled into the epistle to the philippians was originally composed in greek, some time during the 50s or early 60s ad. Letter of paul to the philippians, new testament letter written by paul the apostle, while he was in prison probably at rome about ad 62, and addressed to the christian congregation he had established in macedonia. Interestingly, paul wrote several of his epistles from a prison jail cell like the one in philippi. This summary of the book of philippians provides information about the title, author s, date of writing, chronology, theme, theology, outline, a brief overview, and the chapters of the book of philippians. Paul wrote this letter to the church at philippi, which he had established acts 16. Letter to the philippians encyclopedia of the bible bible. Paul wrote the book of philippians to the church in philippe, paul founded this church in his second missionary journey. Philippians is a beautiful letter paul wrote to a church he loved. Philippians 2 new international version niv imitating christs humility. It was at philippi, which the apostle visited on his second missionary journey acts 16.

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